Pokemon Go Beat Terrakion Greatest Counters Added

Trainers, Terrakion, a member of the Swords of Justice, is showing in Raids, and plenty of gamers wish to know what are the very best Pokemon counters to make use of towards the dual-type Rock and Preventing Legendary Pokemon. For that motive, we determined to search out the very best counters and the suitable strikes, so you possibly can simply beat Terrakion in Raids.

The Legendary Pokemon Terrakion is the brand new Raid Boss in Pokemon Go. Terrakion is taking up five-star Raids till December 15. 2022, so be certain that to comply with our Terrakion information to simply beat it and finally catch shiny Terrakion.

Terrakion is weak to Preventing, Floor, Metal, Water, Grass, Psychic, and Fairy assaults and will be defeated by not less than 2 Trainers utilizing the very best counters and the suitable strikes.

Terrakion Greatest Counters

  • Shadow Mewtwo with Confusion and Psystrike
  • Shadow Latios with Zen Headbutt and Psychic
  • Mega Alakazam with Confusion and Psychic
  • Mega Swampert with Water Gun and Hydro Cannon
  • Mega Sceptile with Bullet Seed and Frenzy Plant
  • Mewtwo with Confusion and Psystrike
  • Unbound Hoopa with Confusion and Psychic
  • Terrakion with Double Kick and Sacred Sword
  • Kartana with Razor Leaf and Leaf Blade
  • Lunala with Confusion and Psychic

You’re all set now. Good luck in your journey and let’s beat ’em all.

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