Pokémon Go Mega Lopunny weak point, counters, and greatest moveset

Mega Lopunny is one among many Mega Evolutions to battle and evolve in Pokémon Go.

The Rabbit Pokémon provides combating to its normal-typing when Mega advanced, that means that not solely does the standard technique of bringing fighting-types to regular Pokémon struggle nonetheless apply, however you even have many different weaknesses to use.

This web page explains Mega Lopunny weaknesses, counters, and — when caught and advanced your self — the most effective Mega Lopunny moveset.

Mega Lopunny weak point

Mega Lopunny is a normal- and fighting-type, that means it’s weak to fighting-, flying-, psychic- and fairy-types.

This provides us loads to room to play with — and is very helpful for newer gamers with fewer sturdy Pokémon at their disposal.

Mega Lopunny counters

Considering the above, we advocate the next Mega Lopunny counters:

  • Mewtwo with Confusion and Psystrike
  • Alakazam with Psycho Reduce and Psychic (Mega Evolution accessible)
  • Latios or Latias with Zen Headbutt and Psychic (Mega Evolution accessible)
  • Terrakion with Double Kick and Sacred Sword

As famous above, when you have a Mega Evolution accessible, they arrive extremely really helpful — however keep in mind you may solely have one lively per battle.

Briefly, psychic- and fighting-types are greatest with their larger harm output within the meta. In fact, these are simply our high suggestions; strikes which align with any of the above weaknesses can put you better off.

Mega Lopunny walking through a forest path at sunrise.

Picture: Niantic

Moreover, know that climate boosts can strengthen strikes additional. Within the case of the weaknesses you’d wish to exploit, cloudy climate will increase fighting- and fairy-type strikes, whereas windy will assist enhance your flying- and psychic-type harm output.

Clearly, you may’t management the climate, however when you assume the battle will likely be an in depth name, based mostly in your outside circumstances it could be value prioritizing some varieties over others to assist provide the edge.

Greatest moveset for Mega Lopunny

For raiding and gymnasiums, go for Pound and Hyper Beam, each of which lean on its normal-typing. In case you can afford a second Cost transfer, then we advocate the fighting-type Focus Blast.

Exterior of particular occasions, Mega Evolutions can’t be utilized in Go Battle League/PvP — so there’s no have to issue this into your resolution making.

Is Shiny Mega Lopunny accessible?

Although you can not catch a Mega Evolution model after a raid battle — it’ll all the time be an everyday Lopunny, which you’ll then evolve when you’ve sufficient Mega Vitality — know that Lopunny may be shiny on the finish of those encounters.

Keep in mind, whether it is shiny, you might be assured to catch it in your first profitable throw — so use a Pinap Berry to earn some straightforward further Sweet.

For extra data on raids, take a look at our Pokémon Go raid information.

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