Pokemon Go player seeks perfect way to say goodbye to friendly rival

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A Pokemon Go trainer has been taking turns with a stranger holding a gym, but his job change has him seeking the perfect way to bid his friendly rival adieu.

Gyms are a key part of Pokemon Go as they are the only way trainers can earn Pokecoins for free. However, players are only allowed to earn 50 coins a day which also makes it important to get knocked out of a gym.

Some players are kind enough to allow players to stay in a local gym until they’ve earned all 50 coins. There have been several instances on Reddit where a player claims they won’t take over a gym if they know the trainer hasn’t earned their coins.

For Reddit user BubblezTron, he and a fellow player have been sharing a gym, knocking each other out on a rotating schedule. The problem is, Bubblez is moving to another country and he doesn’t know how to say goodbye to his anonymous Pokemon pal.

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Pokemon Go player seeks help

BubblezTron posted to the r/pokemongo subreddit writing, “My office is located on a gym. For the last year, precisely at 9:30 PM every night, another player has knocked out my Slaking and replaced it with their own Slaking. I then return the favor the next morning…and therefore we’ve been receiving 50 coins almost every day.”

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He then broke the news that he had just accepted a new job that will take him to a different country, nowhere near his old office or gym. So, he turned to the internet, requesting suggestions for how he can say goodbye to a complete stranger.

Some suggested saving their username, replacing the normal Slaking with a Ghost-type, or changing their own username to their friend code. One response proposed a more dramatic departure, beating the strangers Slaking and leaving the gym empty.

This bittersweet story also highlighted one of Pokemon Go’s – and Nintendo’s – greatest flaws. The lack of a traditional username system makes it so that, while Bubblez knows the stranger’s username, they can’t add them as a friend.

We will be looking out for the conclusion to this Pokemon Go story. Hopefully, this “goodbye” can turn into a “see you around.”

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