Refractions Launches For PC As we speak

Discover Star Trek On-line: Refractions as the most recent enlargement brings Beverly Crusher into the body of the Mirror Universe.

Gearbox Publishing and Cryptic Studios have launched the subsequent enlargement for Star Trek On-line as we dive again into the Mirror Universe with Refractions. The storyline picks again up the place they left off with Wesley Crusher coming into contact with V’Ger, as we now see the occasions unfold by means of the eyes of Beverly Crusher. We acquired extra data beneath on what you’ll be able to anticipate to see within the recreation because the content material is now reside.

Promo art for Star Trek Online: Refractions, courtesy of Gearbox Publishing.
Promo artwork for Star Trek On-line: Refractions, courtesy of Gearbox Publishing.

“The brand new season of Star Trek On-line options Terran variations of legacy Star Trek characters with voice expertise from the unique actors reprising their iconic roles. Wil Wheaton returns as Terran Emperor Westly Crusher, together with Gates McFadden as Terran Dr. Beverly Crusher, and Chase Masterson as Terran Admiral Leeta. Along with the brand new episode, Fujiwhara Impact, closing out the “Terran Gambit” arc, the brand new season will embrace the next content material:”

Model New Activity Drive Operation – Chook Cage

A five-player floor Activity Drive Operation that can act as a prequel to the episode Fujiwhara Impact. Execute a Mirror Universe jail break with 4 different captains to free Terran Dr. Beverly Crusher in order that she could possibly cease her son from destroying every part and everybody in his path.

Two New Patrols

Jupiter Station and Khonshu Khaibit, a floor and house patrol set inside the “Terran Gambit” Mirror Universe story arc.

Picard Season 2 Themed Lockbox: A Secure Galaxy

The mysterious Tier 6 Worldrazer Temporal Op Juggernaut, as seen in Picard Season 2, together with quite a few “Confederacy” and “Watcher” weapons and equipment might be a part of this brand-new full lockbox.

Star Trek On-line thirteenth Anniversary Occasion

Operating from January 24 – February 23, along with the above new content material, gamers can earn a brand new Tier 6 ship, the V’ger themed Compiler Science Dreadnought, acquire Omega Fragments and craft extremely fascinating Omega Tech upgrades from Q and his much-anticipated Omega Molecule Stabilization Recreation.

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