Scientists Discover Dinosaur Fossils in Patagonia

Scientists in Chile’s Patagonia space have discovered the southernmost dinosaur fossils recorded outdoors Antarctica. The fossils embody stays of megaraptors that will have managed the world’s meals chain earlier than their mass extinction.

Megaraptors have been carnivorous, or meat-eating, dinosaurs that lived in elements of South America through the Cretaceous interval some 70 million years in the past. The fossils have been present in sizes as much as 10 meters lengthy, stated the Journal of South American Earth Sciences.

Marcelo Leppe is director of the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH).We have been lacking a bit,” he informed Reuters. “We knew the place there have been massive mammals, there would even be massive carnivores, however we hadn’t discovered them but.”

The stays have been present in Chile’s far south Rio de las Chinas Valley within the Magallanes Basin between 2016 and 2020. The scientists additionally discovered some uncommon stays of unenlagia, a velociraptor-like dinosaur which was probably lined in feathers.

The fossils, stated College of Chile researcher Jared Amudeo, had some qualities not current in related stays present in Argentina or Brazil.

“It might be a brand new species, which may be very probably, or belong to a different household of dinosaurs which can be intently associated,” he stated. He added that extra proof is required.

The research additionally present extra data on the situations of the meteorite impression on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. That meteorite might have led to the dinosaurs’ extinction some 65 million years in the past.

Leppe pointed to a big lower in temperatures over present-day Patagonia and waves of extreme chilly lasting as much as a number of hundreds of years. The local weather, nonetheless, was very heat for a lot of the Cretaceous interval.

“This world was already in disaster earlier than (the meteorite) and that is evidenced within the rocks of the Rio de las Chinas Valley,” he stated.

I’m Dan Novak.

Dan Novak tailored this story for VOA Studying English primarily based on reporting by Reuters.


Phrases in This Story

extinction — n. the state or state of affairs that outcomes when one thing has died out utterly

mammal — n. a sort of animal that feeds milk to its younger and that normally has hair or fur masking most of its pores and skin

species — n. a bunch of animals or crops which can be related and might produce younger animals or crops

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