Sign Up For A Chance To Try Skate.

Sign Up For A Chance To Try Skate.

Skate. the recently announced skating game has been confirmed to be still in development. The trailer for the pre-pre-pre alpha gameplay shows off the impressive skating gameplay making its return. There is also a hint of the ragdoll/injury physics returning to the series which helped bring in some fans who normally wouldn’t play skating games. Some new ways to traverse with a new free running system implemented offer interesting ways for players to get into the game.

The video also offers up the ability to sign up and playtest the game during its pre-pre-pre closed alpha and offer up opinions and ideas that will help shape the new world of Skate. Tentatively named Skate. Insider this program offers direct access for the playtesters and the developers to communicate and help shape the game of many fan’s dreams.

The game will feature an NDA, an agreement meaning any information you may obtain trying the game cannot be shared. Skate. will only be available to test on PC via Origin. As development continues to progress the ability to test will expand to more platforms. For any questions regarding the playtest there is a FAQ featured on EA’s website. Also announced was The Board Room which will be a release of new information on July 14th at 9am PDT.

Source: YouTube Upload and Official Announcement on Twitter

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