Skull and Bones leak points to a November release

After years of waiting, Ubisoft’s high seas piracy game Skull and Bones (opens in new tab) is looking more and more like it might soon see the light of day. Some of the signs are official, like Ubisoft’s March request for testers, and others are more inadvertent, such as the April leak of a six-minute video (opens in new tab) showing NPC mutinies and ship crafting. And now another leak, from Twitter account Aggiornamenti Lumia, says the game will finally launch on November 8.

Aggiornamenti Lumia, which is known for leaking information from the Microsoft and Xbox online stores, said that an official announcement of Skull and Bones is “imminent,” and that Xbox Store listings with preorder bonus details (opens in new tab) are ready to go, but not yet public.

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