Star Trek On-line: Refractions Out At present, Concluding the Terran Gambit and Opening the thirteenth Anniversary

Star Trek On-line is celebrating 13 years of adventures, exploration, and group. At present, the most recent replace, Refractions, launches on PC, with the conclusion of the Terran Gambit arc and extra Mirror Universe mayhem.

In Refractions, in the event you haven’t been following the story up to now, you’re in for one thing massive. The newest episode,“Fujiwhara Impact”, options Terran Emperor Wesley Crusher having merged with The Different. In doing so, he has The Different’s energy, which implies he can apply it to his option to and when he will get to Earth, bent on destruction.

That is the conclusion of the Terran Gambit, and options, as soon as once more, Wil Wheaton, returning to his function as Wesley Crusher. Count on Terran variations of different legacy Star Trek characters, together with Dr. Beverly Crusher ( for the primary time in STO), Admiral Leeta, with authentic solid members reprising their roles as effectively. 

Clearly, it would be best to cease the mixture Emperor Crusher-Different from succeeding in his plans for destroying all the things. There is a new Process Power Operation, Hen Cage, the place you’ll have to go Into the Mirror Universe for a jail break to free the Terran model of Dr. Beverly Crusher. She is vital to maybe stopping her son from destroying all the things. The replace additionally options two new patrols, Jupiter Station and Khonshu Khaibit. Each of those set inside the Terran Gambit story arc and filling in a few of the particulars..

The thirteenth anniversary occasion additionally begins right this moment and runs by means of February twenty third.  You’ll earn your self a shiny new Tier 6 ship, a V’ger themed Compiler Science Dreadnought. You’ll accumulate Omega fragments and craft Omega tech upgrades from Q with the return of the Omega Molecule Stabilization sport to have a good time the anniversary. 

The replace will probably be launched on console at a later date. For extra on the Refractions replace and anniversary, head to Star Trek On-line.

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