syudou Expresses Stunning Worldview in Chainsaw Man Anime Fifth Ending Theme MV



Vocaloid song producer/singer-songwriter syudou has released a full music video for his new digital single song “In the Back Room” on YouTube, which was used as the ending theme for the fifth episode of the TV anime Chainsaw Man. He is well-known as the composer of female singer Ado‘s (the singing voice of Uta in One Piece Film Red) major debut song, “Usseewa.”


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The song expressing the worldview of the fifth episode, including feelings of no way out, aggression, and roughness, was released digitally on November 9. He simply says of this song, “This is the song I arrived at.” The music video was created by Yastatsu, who has worked with syudou for many years, including his first hit song in 2019, “Bitter Chocolate Decoration” and “Call Boy.”



“In the Back Room” MV:





Digital single jacket:



“Cainsaw Man” 5th epsiode ending movie:



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