140-foot Asteroid heading for Earth, simply days after HORROR asteroid HITS planet, says NASA

Horrifyingly, an asteroid really hit Earth, NASA revealed. Now, NASA has alerted a few 140-foot-wide asteroid heading this manner. Horrifyingly, simply hours earlier than an asteroid strike on Earth, NASA realised it was on a collision course with Earth and would hit for positive. The asteroid strike, on November 19, brought on skies over southern … Read more

Speedy asteroid heading for Earth immediately! NASA says its travelling at a fiery 23852 kmph

This speedy asteroid might make its means in the direction of Earth as quickly as immediately! Try what NASA says about this area rock. After various asteroids handed very near Earth earlier this week, one other harmful area rock might go by immediately as we transfer into the brand new week. Asteroids have been liable … Read more

This scary asteroid zooming towards Earth at 41930 kmph today; know what NASA said

A small but potentially hazardous asteroid is zooming towards the Earth today. Here’s what NASA said. NASA says a potentially hazardous asteroid is all set to make its closest approach to Earth today! The asteroid measures just 34 feet in diameter, NASA’s JPL confirmed. Still, it has been dubbed as being potentially hazardous for Earth … Read more