5 Things Dietitians Eat When They Want to Boost Their Mood

You probably already know that what you eat and drink can influence your mental wellness. From daily stressors to anxiety, depression, ADHD and chronic stress, the nutrients you put into your body have the potential to help, or hinder, how you feel and think. With this in mind we asked a handful of dietitians what … Read more

Antidepressants Do Not Work by Numbing Emotions

Recent evidence from randomized, placebo controlled trials (1979 to 2016) has shown that, in about 15% of patients with depression, antidepressant treatment is robustly superior to placebo—contrary to the often-repeated claim that antidepressants are “not much better than a sugar pill.”1 It is not yet clear what clinical or biological features make this subgroup so … Read more

Timing of Food Intake a Strategy for Treating Mood Disorders?

Shift workers who confine their eating to the daytime may experience fewer mood symptoms compared to those who eat both day and night, new research suggests. Investigators at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, created a simulated nightwork schedule for 19 individuals in a laboratory setting. Participants then engaged in two different meal timing models … Read more

Vegetarians depressed twice as often as meat-eaters: new study 

Eating green and feeling blue? Vegetarians experience depressive episodes twice as frequently as meat eaters, according to a new study by Brazilian researchers published in the Journal of Affective Disorders.  There’s a “positive association between the prevalence of depressive episodes and a meatless diet,” the study read. Scientists set out to investigate the potential association … Read more

The Debate Over How Antidepressants Work Is Putting Millions of People in Danger

Nearly 10 percent of all Americans will experience symptoms of depression every year. One of the common forms of treatment includes a combination of therapy and antidepressants. According to the CDC, around 13 percent of Americans over the age of 18 were taking antidepressants between 2015 and 2018. The most commonly prescribed form of these … Read more

Signs Your Child May Have Developed a Smartphone Addiction

Share on PinterestNew research finds that nearly half of American teens say they are almost constantly on their phones, but how much is too much? Experts say to watch out for these signs. Getty Images New research finds that 95% of teenagers in the United States have access to a smartphone, while 45% say they … Read more

Queen’s corgis will feel the loss of Her Majesty and even show signs of depression, dog expert says

Queen’s corgis Muick and Sandy will feel the loss of Her Majesty and may even display signs of depression after her death, dog expert says Dog expert, John Smith, says the beloved corgis could feel emotional despair  Symptoms include loss of appetite, whining, lethargy and broken sleep patterns Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York … Read more

DR ELLIE CANNON: I’m anxious but not depressed – so why is my GP offering antidepressants?

I keep getting bouts of extreme anxiety – a panicked feeling that washes over me every few months, each time lasting just a couple of days. The GP suggested I take antidepressants, but that seems a bit unnecessary given that my symptoms aren’t constant and I don’t feel sad or low. What should I do? … Read more

9 Signs That You Have Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome anxiety getty Have you ever felt fearful about making a mistake or anxious about being seen as incompetent in your next presentation? If you are constantly feeling this way, and you are not able to enjoy your wins, you may be experiencing impostor syndrome. Unfortunately, Clance and Gail Matthews found that about 70 … Read more