Dogs can smell when you’re stressed, study suggests

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. CNN  —  There’s now scientific evidence shedding more light on one of Barkley’s impressive skills in a long list of endearing traits: the ability to smell when you’re stressed. Dogs can smell the difference between … Read more

Denver man found guilty in Isabella Thallas’ murder

A Denver man has been found guilty of murder for using an AK-47 to shoot and kill a 21-year-old woman after her dog defecated outside his apartment. Michael Close, 38, had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, but a jury on Thursday convicted him in the shooting after concluding that he knew what he … Read more

Pensioner arrested after village high street altercation leaves one dead

A pensioner was arrested on suspicion of murder in a small Sussex town on Sunday. The 68-year-old was arrested by Sussex Police after a 49-year-old man was found unconscious on High Street, Storrington in West Sussex. Officers were called at 10.05am on Sunday, September 4 and the unconscious man was pronounced dead. Residents claimed two … Read more

Dogs cry ‘happy tears’ when their owners return home

Dogs cry tears of joy when their owners return home after a day at work, a study has found. No other animal is known to be capable of happy tears, with the trait likely a byproduct of the uniquely close human-dog relationship fostered over millennia of cohabitation. Japanese scientists believe dogs start crying because they … Read more

One in five puppies ‘falling ill or dying before their first birthday’

Now 22 per cent of all puppies are becoming sick or dying in their first year of life, according to data from the Kennel Club’s survey of more than 3,000 owners, shared exclusively with The Telegraph. This figure rises to more than one in three (36 per cent) for dogs purchased before the new owner … Read more

Dog catches monkeypox after sharing owners’ bed

“In endemic countries, only wild animals (rodents and primates) have been found to carry monkeypox virus,” the clinicians write in their letter to the Lancet, which was published last week.  “However, transmission of monkeypox virus in prairie dogs has been described in the USA and in captive primates in Europe that were in contact with … Read more

Say goodbye to bad dog behaviour – no canine is untrainable

Dog behaviour isn’t static, a permanent, unchanging state, just as human behaviour isn’t. You may think you have cracked it (sit… stay… rollover) and then something – men in hats, noisy children, umbrellas, delivery drivers – suddenly, seemingly without cause, becomes the mortal enemy. It can even be other dogs. From puppyhood, my border terrier, … Read more

Mystery of Scotland’s most loyal dog is solved

His image has been immortalised in films and books and even a commemorative statue. But Greyfriars Bobby, the Skye terrier famed for visiting his deceased master’s grave for 14 years after his death, was in fact a lesser-known Dandie Dinmont terrier, researchers have claimed. “The more I researched him for our book the facts led … Read more

DIY recipes for homemade pet treats to pamper your dogs and cats

A lot of animal lovers tend to pamper their dogs and cats with treats apart from their regular meals. While some purchase their treats in bulk, many of these have a high calorie content. Hence, when offered in excess, they can make your animal obese, which can lead to a whole host of health concerns. … Read more