140-foot Asteroid heading for Earth, simply days after HORROR asteroid HITS planet, says NASA

Horrifyingly, an asteroid really hit Earth, NASA revealed. Now, NASA has alerted a few 140-foot-wide asteroid heading this manner. Horrifyingly, simply hours earlier than an asteroid strike on Earth, NASA realised it was on a collision course with Earth and would hit for positive. The asteroid strike, on November 19, brought on skies over southern … Read more

Humongous 232-foot asteroid heading for Earth, says NASA; Check speed, distance

NASA has issued a warning that an asteroid is heading for Earth and there is every likelihood of a dangerously close encounter today. Did you know that most asteroids are irregularly shaped, though a few are nearly spherical, and they are often pitted or cratered? As these asteroids revolve around the Sun in their elliptical … Read more

56-foot asteroid hurtling towards Earth TODAY; NASA issues warning

NASA has issued an alert about a speeding asteroid which is set for a close approach to Earth today. Know its speed, distance and more. Although one or two asteroids usually fly past Earth every day, no less than 4 asteroids made close approaches with Earth yesterday! Another asteroid is on its way towards Earth … Read more

This scary asteroid zooming towards Earth at 41930 kmph today; know what NASA said

A small but potentially hazardous asteroid is zooming towards the Earth today. Here’s what NASA said. NASA says a potentially hazardous asteroid is all set to make its closest approach to Earth today! The asteroid measures just 34 feet in diameter, NASA’s JPL confirmed. Still, it has been dubbed as being potentially hazardous for Earth … Read more

Asteroid today: Terrifying space rock hurtling towards Earth! Clocked at 51696 kmph

Alert! A huge asteroid is speeding towards Earth and will come close to Earth today. Will it impact the planet? Asteroid flybys have been a common occurrence these past few weeks. Three asteroids passed by Earth very closely yesterday alone, making it one of the most frequent asteroid flyby days we have had this month. … Read more

Asteroid today: 100-foot Planet-killer space rock hurtling towards Earth! NASA alerts

NASA has issued an asteroid warning against a huge asteroid which is hurtling towards the planet. Know what the space agency said. Another day another asteroid heading for Earth, it has been the story of this month so far. 5 asteroids have passed by Earth closely within the last two days and now NASA has … Read more

Asteroid threat! Dangerous 80-foot asteroid speeding towards Earth today; NASA issues warning

A massive 80-foot wide asteroid is headed straight for Earth today, September 19. Here’s what NASA said. Earth has witnessed numerous close calls with asteroids in the past few months. August was bombarded with asteroid flybys and the month of September is continuing the trend. 3 asteroids passed by Earth closely just yesterday and 2 … Read more