French cardinal says he abused 14-year-old girl 35 years ago

PARIS (AP) — Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard, one of France’s highest-ranking prelates of the Catholic Church, said Monday that he had abused a 14-year-old girl 35 years ago and is withdrawing from his religious duties. The move comes after a report issued last year revealed a large number of child sex abuse cases within the French … Read more

Indigenous group in Peru’s Amazon frees detained tourists | Environment News

Members of the Cuninico community had blocked the passage of a tourist boat to draw government attention to a toxic oil spill. An indigenous group in Peru’s Amazon rainforest has freed about 100 riverboat passengers – including foreigners – who were held for a day in protest over what the community alleged to be government … Read more

US confronts China, Russia at UN over N Korean missile launches | Conflict News

The United States and its allies have clashed with China and Russia, accusing the pair of preventing action being taken by the United Nations Security Council against North Korea for its escalating ballistic missile launches. The 15 members of the Security Council failed on Friday to agree on a joint statement condemning the recent barrage … Read more

fiscal rules to be updated and the markets will be watching

The euro zone is to discuss changing its fiscal rules – a task that could have market repercussions. Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images The euro zone will soon reveal changes to its fiscal rules — a move that could have significant repercussions for government borrowing costs and the region’s bond markets. The European Commission, … Read more

The way we deal with China must change – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article BERLIN — Berlin must change the way it deals with China as the country lurches back toward a more openly “Marxist-Leninist” political trajectory, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz wrote in an op-ed on Thursday. In his article for POLITICO and the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Scholz defended his … Read more

Where Britain went wrong – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article LIVERPOOL, England — On the long picket line outside the gates of Liverpool’s Peel Port, rain-soaked dock workers warm themselves with cups of tea as they listen to 1980s pop. Dozens of buses, cars and trucks honk in solidarity as they pass. Dockers’ strikes are not new to … Read more