What is chikungunya; know the warning signs and symptoms, causes and treatment | Health

With the onset of monsoon, chikungunya cases have been on rise and it is imperative to safeguard yourself from this deadly mosquito-borne illness that can play havoc with your bone and joint health in long run. Chikungunya shares some common signs with dengue and Zika, and can be misdiagnosed. People with chronic ailments like diabetes … Read more

6 easy to prepare vegetarian recipes that are high in vitamin D and calcium

Vitamin D (a hormone) and calcium (a mineral) are nutrients that promote healthy bones and are essential for muscle mobility, nerve communication, absorption of phosphorous and other vitamins, immune system responses, hormonal secretion and blood vessel flow. Without adequate vitamin D or calcium, our parathyroid glands produce excessive amounts of their hormone, resulting in weakened … Read more