Stangler: How to help spot signs of suicide

By Don Stangler, UnitedHealthcare chief medical officer September is National Suicide Prevention Month, which offers a good time to raise awareness to help reduce the stigma around mental health issues. This could be an important step to lowering suicide rates over the coming years. Suicide is on the rise nationally. According to the most recent … Read more

Finding comfort in the continuity of monarchy as Britain welcomes its new King

SIR – All my life, Queen Elizabeth was mentioned in our household – first by my mother, who admired her tremendously, and later by me with my own family and friends. My mother even dressed as she did when at Balmoral (we also lived in Scotland). As monarch, she was the living representation of the long history of … Read more

Woman calls for more cyclists in Plymouth as they ‘pose less of a risk’

A Plymouth resident has written to The Herald to plug the many benefits of cycling A Plymouth resident has spoken out about proposed restrictions on cyclists. Transport secretary Grant Shapps recently proposed strict new road laws that apply to cyclists including 20mph speed limits and requiring number plates on bikes. Cathy Slaughter has written to … Read more