Brazil government seeks to clear truckers’ pro-Bolsonaro blockades

SAO PAULO, Nov 1 (Reuters) – Brazilian authorities sought on Tuesday to curtail truckers’ blockages protesting the country’s presidential election results after signs they were disrupting fuel distribution, meat production, and the ability to send grains to port. Blockades were first reported on Sunday amid spreading demonstrations by truckers and other supporters of Brazilian President … Read more

Trucker blockades in Brazil increase in wake of Bolsonaro election defeat

SAO PAULO, Oct 31 (Reuters) – Truckers who support Brazil’s outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro escalated their protests on Monday, blocking roads throughout the country in actions that could affect exports in one of the world’s top food producers and cause wider economic chaos. Bolsonaro lost Sunday’s election to leftist former President Luiz Inacio Lula da … Read more

Get a head start on meals with MIO Coalition recipes | Dining

With area schools back in session, the prospect of preparing breakfast before the kids head out the door and having dinner ready when everyone returns home can be a bit daunting. Fortunately, the Made In Oklahoma Coalition is offering recipes, all made with Oklahoma-grown and Oklahoma-made products that make meal time a little easier, with … Read more

Still hungry after a meal? Why it happens and 5 nutrient-packed foods to fill you up

Studies have found that including avocado in your diet increases satiety.Getty Images/iStockphoto Q: I don’t feel satisfied after finishing my meals. Are there healthy foods I can add to my diet that will make me feel full? Eating a meal should satisfy your hunger and tastebuds, as well as provide your body with fuel for … Read more

Fewer chickpeas means cheap protein and hummus could be harder to find

CHICAGO, July 6 (Reuters) – It’s not a great time to be a hummus fan. Global supplies of chickpeas, the main ingredient, could dip as much as 20% this year, according to data from the Global Pulse Confederation. Weather and war have hurt supplies of the protein-packed bean, driving up food prices and creating headaches … Read more