The FDA Finally Has a Definition for ‘Healthy’ Food

Photo: Linda Hirzmann (Shutterstock) What does “healthy” mean, exactly, when applied to food? It’s a tougher question than you might think. The FDA has been trying to answer it for years now, and they announced that they finally have a rough definition. The origin story here is wild: The FDA sent a letter years ago … Read more

How to Tell If It’s a Headache or a Migraine

Photo: catinsyrup (Shutterstock) If you are prone to getting headaches, you may be wondering about the difference between a regular headache and a migraine. Both suck, but a migraine is definitely worse. So how can you tell which kind you’re suffering from? A regular headache feels like “a dull, cap-like pressure,” said Julia Jones, a … Read more

Our Cancers Are Filled With Fungi

Image: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) People’s cancers are apparently playing host to their very own fungi. A pair of studies this week have documented the unique neighborhoods of fungal species that can live inside our tumors. It’s possible that these microbes may even influence how cancers grow or manage to fend off certain treatments. Dating back to … Read more

What Parents Need to Know About Enterovirus D68

Photo: L Julia (Shutterstock) The CDC recently issued an alert to healthcare providers about enterovirus D68, which has turned up in children who were hospitalized with severe respiratory illnesses. This virus can also cause a form of paralysis known as acute flaccid myelitis. Most illnesses with this virus do not cause the paralysis, but it’s … Read more

How Many Cups of Coffee You Should Drink Per Day, According to ‘Science’

Photo: sebra (Shutterstock) A study that’s in the news right now claims that people who drink two to three cups of coffee per day live longer than people who avoid coffee. So should we all be drinking two to three cups? Not necessarily. Let’s take a look at where these numbers come from. Two to … Read more

Virtually all abortions in Arizona are now illegal, judge rules

Virtually all abortions in Arizona are now illegal. Late Friday, Pima County Superior Court Judge Kellie Johnson rejected arguments by Planned Parenthood of Arizona that a law, on the books since Arizona’s territorial days, was replaced when lawmakers earlier this year approved a ban on abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. The territorial-era law, a … Read more

A Cancer-Fighting Version of Herpes Shows Promise in Early Human Trial

A illustration of a herpes simplex virus. Illustration: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) Scientists may be able to turn a long-time germ foe into a cancer-fighting ally, new research this week suggests. In preliminary data from a Phase I trial, a genetically modified version of the herpes virus has shown promise in treating difficult-to-eradicate tumors, with one patient … Read more

Why Basically Everyone Should Be Screened for Anxiety Disorder

Photo: fizkes (Shutterstock) The lingering pandemic, rising crime, an uncertain economy: All good reasons to visit your doctor to get screened for anxiety, or so says the federal government. The advice isn’t just aimed at people already experiencing mental health issues—this week, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, an advisory group empaneled by the Department … Read more

Why Nasal Irrigation May Help With a COVID Infection

Photo: Koldunov (Shutterstock) In a recent study, twice daily nasal irrigation was found to reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms. Although the study in question had some pretty major flaws—including a small sample size and the lack of a proper control group—the researchers “are probably on the right track,” said Mas Takashima, an ENT specialist … Read more

Can You Get Your Flu Shot and COVID Booster in the Same Arm?

Photo: uniqueton (Shutterstock) When the COVID shots first came out, the CDC wanted to be cautious. It was a new vaccine, after all, so they recommended waiting two weeks before or after getting any other vaccine, including a flue shot. That guidance has changed. You can now get your flu and COVID shots at the … Read more