The Quest to Make a Vaccine for Urinary Tract Infections

If you are alive and in possession of a vagina, chances are you will have a urinary tract infection at some point in your life. UTIs are one of the most common bacterial infections, which might lead you to assume that modern medicine has nearly perfected its treatment options for this uncomfortable and potentially dangerous … Read more

How to Tell If It’s a Headache or a Migraine

Photo: catinsyrup (Shutterstock) If you are prone to getting headaches, you may be wondering about the difference between a regular headache and a migraine. Both suck, but a migraine is definitely worse. So how can you tell which kind you’re suffering from? A regular headache feels like “a dull, cap-like pressure,” said Julia Jones, a … Read more

Cancerous tumor vanishes with injection of modified herpes virus

Herpes is a curse to most — but maybe a blessing to some. A new cancer therapy that employs a modified form of the virus to attack tumors has totally cleared a London man’s cancer of the salivary glands. The drug, called RP2, was proven to have promising effects in early clinical trials overseas. Krzysztof … Read more

What Parents Need to Know About Enterovirus D68

Photo: L Julia (Shutterstock) The CDC recently issued an alert to healthcare providers about enterovirus D68, which has turned up in children who were hospitalized with severe respiratory illnesses. This virus can also cause a form of paralysis known as acute flaccid myelitis. Most illnesses with this virus do not cause the paralysis, but it’s … Read more

A Cancer-Fighting Version of Herpes Shows Promise in Early Human Trial

A illustration of a herpes simplex virus. Illustration: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) Scientists may be able to turn a long-time germ foe into a cancer-fighting ally, new research this week suggests. In preliminary data from a Phase I trial, a genetically modified version of the herpes virus has shown promise in treating difficult-to-eradicate tumors, with one patient … Read more

New, Omicron-specific COVID-19 booster shot now available at local providers, according to Kenosha County health official

KENOSHA NEWS STAFF The new, Omicron-specific COVID-19 booster shot is now available at local providers, and people ages 12 and up are encouraged receive it, according to Kenosha County Board of Health President Dr. Diane Gerlach. Gerlach said Thursday the updated shot, known as the bivalent booster, can help restore protection from COVID-19 that has … Read more

Getting a consistent good night’s sleep supports immune function, study shows

Getting a consistent good night’s sleep supports normal production and programming of hematopoietic stem cells, a building block of the body’s innate immune system, according to a small National Institutes of Health-supported study in humans and mice. Sleep has long been linked to immune function, but researchers discovered that getting enough of it influenced the … Read more

Why Nasal Irrigation May Help With a COVID Infection

Photo: Koldunov (Shutterstock) In a recent study, twice daily nasal irrigation was found to reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms. Although the study in question had some pretty major flaws—including a small sample size and the lack of a proper control group—the researchers “are probably on the right track,” said Mas Takashima, an ENT specialist … Read more

Can You Get Your Flu Shot and COVID Booster in the Same Arm?

Photo: uniqueton (Shutterstock) When the COVID shots first came out, the CDC wanted to be cautious. It was a new vaccine, after all, so they recommended waiting two weeks before or after getting any other vaccine, including a flue shot. That guidance has changed. You can now get your flu and COVID shots at the … Read more

America’s STD Problem Is ‘Out of Control,’ Say Experts

Photo: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) Sexually transmitted diseases in the U.S. are at a crisis point. On Monday, prominent public health experts and government officials raised an alarm over the ongoing annual rise in STDs. Preliminary data recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that cases of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia all went … Read more