76-foot asteroid dashing in the direction of Earth immediately, says NASA, reveals key particulars

A 76-foot asteroid might make a detailed journey to Earth immediately and NASA has revealed the asteroid’s key particulars. Earth was witness to quite a few asteroid flybys final yr and it appears the development is all set to proceed in 2023. NASA has warned that as many as 5 asteroids are all set to … Read more

Asteroid right this moment: Large house rock dashing in the direction of Earth at break-neck velocity!

NASA has issued an asteroid alert! A terrifying house rock is headed for us right this moment. Know its particulars, as per NASA. One other day, one other asteroid is ready to go by Earth extraordinarily intently. After at least 4 asteroids handed the planet extraordinarily intently yesterday, November 30, house companies are on alert … Read more

Terrifying asteroid to return as shut as 78500 km to Earth right this moment

This asteroid will cross Earth at a particularly shut distance! NASA has revealed necessary information about this area rock. This is what you’ll want to know. Asteroids usually make shut journeys to Earth however cross the planet at simply sufficient distance to not trigger any hurt. Astonishingly, astronomers have noticed three near-Earth asteroids (NEA) hiding … Read more

Stunning! This asteroid CRASHED into Earth, says NASA; Verify asteroid impression website

NASA has revealed that an asteroid crashed into the Earth on Saturday, November 19. Here is the place this asteroid hit Earth. Within the midst of all of the terrifyingly shut asteroid flybys, NASA has now revealed that an asteroid really crashed into the Earth simply days in the past! NASA retains a watch on … Read more

Speedy asteroid heading for Earth immediately! NASA says its travelling at a fiery 23852 kmph

This speedy asteroid might make its means in the direction of Earth as quickly as immediately! Try what NASA says about this area rock. After various asteroids handed very near Earth earlier this week, one other harmful area rock might go by immediately as we transfer into the brand new week. Asteroids have been liable … Read more

Asteroid, bigger than A 380 Airbus aircraft, heads towards Earth! NASA issues warning

NASA has revealed that an aircraft-sized asteroid is heading straight for Earth today! Danger looming? Although smaller asteroids often make close approaches to Earth, none of them have the potential to cause any major damage if they impact the surface. According to NASA, every 2000 years, an asteroid the size of a football field hits … Read more

Humongous 232-foot asteroid heading for Earth, says NASA; Check speed, distance

NASA has issued a warning that an asteroid is heading for Earth and there is every likelihood of a dangerously close encounter today. Did you know that most asteroids are irregularly shaped, though a few are nearly spherical, and they are often pitted or cratered? As these asteroids revolve around the Sun in their elliptical … Read more

56-foot asteroid hurtling towards Earth TODAY; NASA issues warning

NASA has issued an alert about a speeding asteroid which is set for a close approach to Earth today. Know its speed, distance and more. Although one or two asteroids usually fly past Earth every day, no less than 4 asteroids made close approaches with Earth yesterday! Another asteroid is on its way towards Earth … Read more