Archana Pidathala picks three recipes from her lately launched cookbook, Why Cook dinner

Shree Mirji’s Hookosu Dindu Chutney Cauliflower stem chutney Discarded fruit and vegetable offcuts contribute considerably to meals waste, and a recipe that gives a artistic means to make use of them is certainly a keeper. Right here, the cauliflower stem, which is as nutritious because the florets, is cooked until tender and floor to a … Read more

6 easy to prepare vegetarian recipes that are high in vitamin D and calcium

Vitamin D (a hormone) and calcium (a mineral) are nutrients that promote healthy bones and are essential for muscle mobility, nerve communication, absorption of phosphorous and other vitamins, immune system responses, hormonal secretion and blood vessel flow. Without adequate vitamin D or calcium, our parathyroid glands produce excessive amounts of their hormone, resulting in weakened … Read more

671 Guam Recipes: Estufao Mannok | Lifestyle

With all the rain we’ve been having, we thought we’d share a soup recipe from our friends at the 671 Guam Recipes. This week we might be stirring the pot a little with Joaquin Cepeda Sablan’s recipe for Estufao Mannok (chicken), courtesy of Cel Montague, creator of the Facebook group 671 Guam Recipes. “A lot … Read more

Robin Stroot: ‘Shrinkflation’ can affect old recipes | Opinion

Normally, I write about needles, thread, yarn and the like. This week, it’s the art of food. As many consumers have noticed, food companies are using smaller and smaller package (while charging the same or higher price for the particular item). It’s just the way things are today. This is sometimes referred to today as … Read more

Lip-Smacking Pasta Recipes You Should Try For a Quick Meal

Pasta has become quite popular among people of all ages. In reality, there are more than 600 different types of pasta in the world. It is a simple dish that can be prepared in a matter of minutes and doesn’t call for exceptional culinary skills. This straightforward dish provides plenty of room for creativity. You … Read more

It’s Time to Update Your Old Canning Recipes | Food-and-recipes

Some home canners use methods handed down through generations. Many of these practices were developed by trial and error; those that appeared to work were repeated. Therefore, if the jar sealed, it was assumed the food was safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Scientifically tested recipes have determined that adequate acidity exists to … Read more

BAKING WITH BEV: Judging 4-H entries provides a batch of recipes to try | Entertainment

I’ve been busy judging 4-H projects at area county fairs. Judging is based 50% on the project and 50% on the interview. The 4-H’er brings a picture of the food to leave for display and a recipe. Often they bring a sample of the recipe for the judge to taste. I’m including a couple new … Read more

Chef Ranveer Brar shares 3 recipes that are simple, delicious and fab!

Chocolatey Hot Pot Are you a chocolate lover? We certainly are. And while there is no reason to find an excuse to indulge in a dark chocolate pudding or a creamy scoop of ice cream made from Belgian Callebaut – it’s pretty exciting to discover a day dedicated to one of our favourite ingredients: chocolate. … Read more

20 Piña Colada Recipes – Brit + Co

We’re pretty sure that the piña colada is the perfect summer cocktail, and with July 10 being National Piña Colada Day, we’re in the mood to celebrate. With ice, coconut, and just the right amount of citrus, it feels like we’re drinking sunshine. These 20 recipes are tasty, refreshing, and will make you feel like … Read more