10 indicators your companion is feeling insecure and what you are able to do about it

Relationships might be constructive and life-changing however they are often traumatic too if a companion is not in a position to cope with their private insecurities and put their beloved on the receiving finish of their unwarranted criticism, unhealthy mood and restrictive behaviour. Safe companions however could make you’re feeling liked, impartial and revered similtaneously … Read more

21 Sureshot Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

How often have you asked yourself questions like – Does my ex want me back? What if I bump into my ex again? Will there be the same old spark? Do they still love me? Should I wait for them to return? Should I move on? (ugh) Yes, we comprehend your confusion and frustration.   We understand … Read more

Signs your partner is falling out of love

  Signs your partner is falling out of love with you (Photo: iStock) Relationships often end for different reasons. Something major like infidelity might have caused a rift, and other times it happens because you’ve grown apart. Either way, it hurts to know that you’re the one who’s still in love with someone who checked … Read more

4 Guaranteed signs he won’t forget about you after break up

Every time a relationship ends, it is difficult for everyone involved, and there are inevitably very strong feelings on both sides. However, there are situations when one partner is unable to let go of the history between the two and is unable to move on from the past. They view it as a nice and wonderful thing … Read more

6 signs of security in a relationship: Expert shares insights

In relationship, two people give their honest efforts in making a space where the emotions feel safe, and is a healthy space for two individuals to grow together. After the initial phase of firecrackers, a relationship becomes a journey of two people accepting each other’s imperfections, understanding their traumas and past experiences and communicating about … Read more

Signs of an emotionally dependent partner; tips to deal with them

In relationships, it is important to be there for your partner and stay emotionally connected with them in order for the bond to grow stronger with time. But at times, a partner’s emotional needs may be too much to accommodate and could be detrimental to a relationship eventually. A partner who is completely dependent on … Read more

9 telltale signs your partner is lying and tips to deal with them

Television plots are guided by deception and cliffhangers are added to keep us captivated but there is a significant distinction between being delighted by fictional characters who lie and being duped by real people. The inability to trust another person, especially in an intimate relationship, can be fatal to a relationship. ^userSubscribed /userSubscribed ^userSubscribed /userSubscribed … Read more

7 signs you should consider saying no: Expert suggests

In relationships, sometimes we come across crossroads where we do not know if we should say yes or no for a situation. It can be anything related to the other person in the relationship. And, even though our heart says to say no to the situation, we often come under the pressure of the person … Read more

Signs that someone is good for your mental health

Relationships are an important part of our life. How our partner, friend, boss, colleague or parents interact with us or treat us can have a huge impact on our mental health. There are some people in our life we do not choose and our bond with them depends on many factors including temperament, compatibility and … Read more