Infiniti Is Making an attempt to Make Black Paint Fascinating

Photograph: Infiniti There may be, within the present state of the automotive world, not as a lot shade on automobiles as there needs to be, with automakers prioritizing issues like “gross sales” in making an attempt to justify why clients can have no matter shade they need, so long as it’s white, black, or a … Read more

2023 BMW 330i, 330e and M340i Updates and Driving Impressions

Image: BMW Like the sedan segment itself, sport sedans are a dying breed. There’s just a small handful of proper mid-size, rear-wheel drive and fun-to-drive sedans left on the U.S. market. Thankfully, BMW isn’t giving up on the segment it pretty much invented. The segment leader 3-Series has been updated for 2023 with styling and … Read more

At $29,500, Is This 1983 Alfa Romeo GTV6 a Good Deal?

There are two anomalies in the ad for today’s Nice Price or No Dice Alfa Romeo. One involves the price and the other the engine’s displacement. Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of both. The holiday season is upon us, and for many, that means traveling to visit friends and family, often … Read more