We’ll forgive these Danish pro twins for dressing alike in their round at St. Andrews | Golf News and Tour Information

Are you one of those people who roll your eyes when you see parents dress up their twins in the same outfits beyond, say, the age of about 5? We raise our hand here in full agreement. It strikes us as, well … a bit creepy. Like those pranks identical twins play on their romantic … Read more

Bryson DeChambeau nearly pulls off epic upset in long drive World Championships | Golf News and Tour Information

Thanks to Bryson DeChambeau, it was a show that the long drive world has never seen before and might never experience again. Against sizeable odds because he was going up against guys with freakish swings and ball speeds that reach 230 mph, DeChambeau nearly pulled off a win on Saturday that he probably would have … Read more

Tour pro casually flips club into the woods, ball ends up 11 feet from the hole | This is the Loop

To reach the PGA Tour, you need to be a bit of a perfectionist. But even the best players in the world know what a “good miss” is, and which holes it can come in handy on. Well, maybe not Hideki Matsuyama, whose good misses often involve shoulder-slumping and club drops. He’s the perfectionist to … Read more

Bryson DeChambeau moves into final 16 at the Pro Long Drive Association Championship | Golf News and Tour Information

Bryson DeChambeau is once again proving that he can hang with the guys who are the longest bangers of golf balls in the world. DeChambeau finished seventh in his debut last year in the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championships and said he was “hungry” to return to the grid in Mesquite, Nev. And he … Read more

Tom Kim’s breakout star, Max Homa as a neo-Poulter, the return of Spieth and much more | Golf News and Tour Information

Given this exact moment, would Tom Kim going to LIV be worse than Cam Smith going after the Open? @MaintenanceBarn It would definitely be a gut punch and a grim reminder to the PGA Tour, and golf fans, that every great achievement in the game can be reduced to a bargaining ploy with LIV. But … Read more

This Gary Woodland tee shot ending up where it did feels like a legitimate act of God | This is the Loop

We’ve seen golf balls end up in some pretty strange places over the years on the PGA Tour. Trees, swimming pools, parking lots, hospitality tents, you name it. And yet we can say with complete confidence that we’ve never seen a ball end up where Gary Woodland’s tee ball ended up on the first hole … Read more

This guy just had the greatest hole-in-one celebration in golf history (or at the very least this week) | This is the Loop

We’ve seen plenty of wild hole-in-one celebrations over the years. We’ve seen tears, we’ve seen laughter, we’ve seen disbelief. We’ve seen hugs, club hurls, air guitar solos, jumping jacks, and beer chugs. But never before have we seen the glorious, unhinged mania of Jay Hartard, a golfer enjoying his 15 minutes of fame this week … Read more

Billy Horschel reveals the ‘danger’ of having his wife caddie for him this week | This is the Loop

Fresh off his Presidents Cup debut, Billy Horschel is playing in this week’s Alfred Dunhill Links Championship without his usual caddie, Mark Fulcher. But that doesn’t mean the seven-time PGA Tour winner doesn’t have a familiar face on his bag in Scotland. During a mid-round interview with the DP World Tour, Horschel explained Fulcher is … Read more

Geoff Ogilvy shows no signs of rust, smoothly fires 66 at Kingsbarns to start Dunhill Links | Golf News and Tour Information

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland — It was the sort of comment only an old friend or colleague could make. Walking to the practice range on Tuesday, caddie Alistair “Squirrel” Matheson turned to his old boss, Geoff Ogilvy, and said, “now don’t be embarrassed.” The comment was understandable considering that the 2006 U.S. Open champion hasn’t played … Read more