Obesity should be reclassified as a brain disorder: doctors

A new study has prompted some doctors to reconsider how obesity is classified. Currently, it is treated as a behavioral disease, but doctors are now suggesting that it be considered a brain-development disorder such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (also known as ADHD), autism and Asperger’s syndrome. The study, which was published on Science.org, was … Read more

New study shows reusable contact lenses could cause blindness

Don’t be blind to the risks of contacts! Wearing reusable contact lenses could lead to a rare infection that causes sight loss, according to eye-opening new research. People who wear multi-use lenses are nearly four times more likely to develop a corneal infection that causes blindness than people who use disposables, according to research published … Read more

Scientists stumped by mysterious cyclones at Jupiter’s poles

Enormous polygon-shaped cyclone systems at Jupiter’s north and south poles have left scientists baffled over how they maintain their bizarre but beautifully geometric shapes for years. The hurricane-force storms — each the size of the continental United States — have remained inexplicably stable in their strange configurations since they were first discovered by the Juno … Read more