At least 77 migrants dead after boat from Lebanon sinks off Syria

At least 77 migrants drowned when a boat they boarded in Lebanon sank off Syria’s coast, Syria’s health minister said Friday, in one of the deadliest such shipwrecks in the eastern Mediterranean. Lebanon, which since 2019 has been mired in a financial crisis branded by the World Bank as one of the worst in modern … Read more

Why is Israel bombing Syrian airports? | Conflict News

Israel’s bombing of Syria’s Aleppo International Airport on Tuesday was the second time it had been attacked in less than a week. The latest aerial attack – which Syria’s foreign ministry described as a “war crime” – damaged the runway, taking it out of service. The Aleppo attacks are not the first time Israel has … Read more

The case for bringing Shamima Begum back is now irrefutable

The latest revelations about security service collusion in respect of Ms Shamima Begum make alarming reading. It has been obvious from the outset that she and her foolish young friends were groomed. Now we discover that ministers knew she was a trafficking victim, transported by a terrorist group, but chose to strip her of her … Read more

UK covered up Canada’s role in smuggling Shamima Begum into Syria, new book claims

The book claims that Canada, which was worried about its own young people being urged to join Islamic State, had recruited as an agent Mohammed al-Rashed, a human trafficker, when he applied for asylum at the Canadian embassy in Jordan. Rashed is believed to have helped dozens of jihadists and their brides get into Syria. … Read more

Alleged fourth IS ‘Beatle’ charged with terrorism offences

A British man accused of being a member of a notorious Islamic State terror cell dubbed “The Beatles” has been charged with terrorism offences in the UK, the Crime Prosecution Service said.  Aine Davis, 38, was detained by counter terror officers at Luton airport on Wednesday night following his release from a Turkish jail. He … Read more

Jackie Chan production ‘filmed war scenes’ in Syrian ruins

War scenes for a new Jackie Chan production were reportedly filmed in the ruined regime-held Syrian city of al-Hajar al-Aswad, south of the capital Damascus, according to reports, triggering fury among activists. Activists called for more “respect” from China for allegedly filming on land where Syrian’s citizens endured unfathomable trauma [Getty] War scenes for a … Read more