The 25-year-old MMO finally has sound

Tibia player can finally hear.

In 1997, four German students published their hobby on the Internet: 2D fantasy and MMO Tibia. In the second year of the year, more than a million players from countries all over the country entered Tibia (most of them in Brazil and Poland, where it was most popular), and founded a company that works at CipSoft. Tibia is famous for its depth and secrets, and secrets like that. You can change your settings and choose all types of sound you want. You can listen to Tibias hymns on September 26th at 8pm. It is still being updated today. Tibia has revealed how the players were interacting with each other last week.

The next Tuesday, the 27th September, your gaming experience will be enhanced with sound.

The developers of Tibia have been working on the sound for the previously silent pixel. They say: “Why it took so long, why it took?

It was highly important to give you choice, to give you choices to choose your own sound, and to decide which song you want to hear and which one you want to turn off. It can give you the best possible time to explore this new and fresh aspect of Tibia. The tunes and music of Tibia matter to you when and how much you like it to listen to. You can set up any room as you desire to and choose the sound as you want to change a room.

The arrival of the sound will precede the inauguration of Tibias anthem, a musical composition that embodies the history, the spirit and the heartbeat of Tibia. Listen to Tibia national hymns on September 26th at 8 pm ET.

After 25 years, Tibia isn’t a small leap but worth taking. We encourage you to be curious and take on adventure in the soundscapes of Tibia like the adventurer you are.

The manager of the community says that. You can play Tibia on the official website for free, and if you think about the dangers of getting a little close to that door in the past 12 years, the answer was somewhat disappointing.

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