The famous actress surprised her fans: “Golf helped me to..”

Jennie Garth, a famous actress, understood how much golf means for health. Garth emphasized that golf serves physical health, but not only physical but also mental. “I think that with osteoarthritis one of the most important things is moving and staying mobile and active, and golf does that for me,” said Garth for “It’s a great low impact alternative to exercise.

It’s not just physical exercise, it’s mental exercise. It’s so rare that you get those two things together in one activity. You’re moving parts of your body that you may not have realized were stiff or you might be feeling some pain from.

It’s helped me significantly”.

Jennie Garth on arthritis and meditation

Garth suffers from arthritis and believes that awareness should be raised about this disease. “I was shocked because arthritis can be stigmatized as something that affects only older people,” said Garth.

“But through my research and learning about it, I know that young people can have arthritis too. Bringing awareness to topics like this, educating people about what they can do, what I do to manage my own pain (I’ve partnered with a topical arthritis gel company, Voltaren), it only makes it easier and destigmatizes it all”.

In addition to playing golf, Garth takes care of her health. Meditation is also a form of care. “I love to go out at the end of the day on my own and do my own thing and clear my head,” said Garth. “I meditate regularly, and golf is sort of a walking meditation.

It can be a really social experience if you go out with friends, but it can also be a really insightful time with yourself out there. When I go out on the golf course, I’m able to just put everything aside and focus solely on one shot at a time”.

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