Tonight Is Blitzle Highlight Hour In Pokémon GO: January 2023

Tonight is Blitzle Highlight Hour in Pokémon GO and gamers need to know. Is it Shiny? What is the bonus? What’s up with its yellow mane?

Tonight is Blitzle Highlight Hour in Pokémon GO. From 6–7 PM tonight, Tuesday, January thirty first, this Electrical-type Pokémon will seem with elevated frequency within the wild. It should even be responding extra continuously to Incense and can even pop up in spawn factors that aren’t usually energetic. You have to to get on the market and stroll with the intention to activate that Incense buff, although. That is the ultimate of 5 Highlight Hours of January 2023 in Pokémon GO, but it surely is not the one factor taking place within the sport proper now. Learn on for full particulars of this Highlight Hour and the present associated occasion, Crackling Voltage.

Blitzle in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Blitzle in Pokémon GO. Credit score: Niantic

First up, sure! Blitzle will be Shiny. The usual Blitzle is seen above with a standard zebra coloration palette. In the course of the Crackling Voltage occasion, although, the lightning bolt-shaped mane atop its head can be yellow moderately than white as it’s activated. In its Shiny type, the black is changed by a darkish blue.

The bonus for tonight’s Highlight Hour is double Sweet for transferring Pokémon. I’d counsel prepping your transfers earlier than Highlight Hour after which, when it hits 6 PM, merely hitting “Switch” so you may go proper to looking for Shiny Blitzle.

Now, here’s what else is happening in the course of the present Crackling Voltage occasion in Pokémon GO:

  • Date and time: Now to Sunday, February 5, 2023, at 11:59 AM native time.
  • Shiny launch with restricted boosted Shiny odds: Shiny Helioptile makes its Pokémon GO debut. It is going to be within the wild, in raids, from Eggs, and from Discipline Analysis. Observe that, for the primary time, Niantic is setting charges to an encounter sort moderately than species. Helioptile is particularly famous to have a better Shiny price in Raids and Eggs. The one different time this was famous by Niantic was Noibat in the course of the Halloween occasion.
  • Wild spawns: Ekans, Magnemite, Grimer, Electrike, Stunky, Blitzle, Ferroseed, Helioptile, and Grubbin. Beldum and Dedenne can be uncommon spawns. Fortunately, Helipotile is not listed as a uncommon spawn so it appears we may have a preventing probability.
  • 7 KM Present Eggs: Alolan Sandshrew, Skarmory, Blitzle, Stunfisk, Galarian Stunfisk, Helioptile, Dedenne.
  • Discipline Analysis Encounters: Voltorb, Hisuian Voltorb, Plusle, Minun, Emolga, and Helioptile.
  • Raids:
    • Tier One: Alolan Grimer, Shinx, Bronzor, Klink, Helioptile
    • Tier Three: Venomoth, Galarian Weezing, Jolteon, Mawile
    • Tier 5: Tapu Koko till February 1st at 10 AM, Registeel with Zap Cannon beginning February 1st at 10 AM.
    • Mega Raids: Mega Aerodactyl till February 1st at 10 AM, RMega Gengar beginning February 1st at 10 AM.
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