High 14 Most Poisonous {Couples} In Anime

An image of Nana's Takumi and Hachiko.

In case you’ve watched Nana, chances are you’ll be entitled to emotional compensation.
Screenshot: Madhouse / Hidive / Kotaku

Set off warning: sexual assault

Pound for pound, absolutely the worst couple in all of anime goes to Nana’s Hachiko Komatsu and Takumi. Whereas different horrible couplings rank excessive for the way their exhibits’ extra supernatural story parts heighten their rampant abuse and mistreatment, Hachiko and Takumi’s relationship is the textbook definition of poisonous anime {couples} for the way their dangerous romance displays emotional and bodily abuse in the actual world.

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For context, Takumi is a bassist in a band (pink flag) and Hachiko is fast to fall in love with any man who provides her the time of day. Issues get difficult between the 2 when Hachiko catches emotions for her buddy Nobu and Hachiko will get pregnant. Hachiko inevitably decides to be with Takumi due to the probability that he’s her little one’s father however the resolution irreparably damages her relationship with Nobu and her roommate, Nana Osaki. Takumi routinely verbally abuses Hachiko, forces himself upon her, and controls each facet of her social life underneath the guise of retaining their relationship a secret from followers. To make issues worse, the dude nonetheless cheats on her after their little one’s delivery and the daddy of their second little one remains to be very a lot up within the air.

Ought to Nana mangaka Ai Yazawa resolve to finish the sequence’ lengthy hiatus, I pray she provides the ladies from house 707 the completely happy ending they deserve.

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