Tynamo 100% good IV stats, shiny Tynamo preview in Pokémon Go

This week’s Highlight Hour is all concerning the EleFish Pokémon, Tynamo. Because of this this can be a nice alternative to search for a good Tynamo in Pokémon Go.

It’s fairly troublesome to bounce round this one: Eelektross, Tynamo’s developed type, is actively unhealthy in Pokémon Go. It’s a legal responsibility in Go Battle League, and it sits between Heliolisk and Manectric when it comes to raid attackers. So, all in all, it’s not nice.

Nonetheless, Tynamo is a comparatively uncommon spawn, and because it hasn’t had a Group Day occasion, there’s a great probability you’re lacking an ideal 4* Tynamo or good 4* Eelektross. If that is considered one of your favorite Pokémon, there’s by no means been a greater probability to go catch ‘em all.

Even in the event you’re not eager on Tynamo, it is best to nonetheless attempt to catch as many Pokémon as potential throughout this week’s Highlight Hour due to the double catch sweet bonus that runs alongside the occasion.

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Tynamo 100% good IV stats in Pokémon Go

This week’s Highlight Hour is a superb alternative to catch a Tynamo with good IV stats.


‘Excellent’ means two issues in Pokémon Go, relying on how you intend to make use of a given Pokémon. First, there’s the maxed out, 100% IV model, which is the 15/15/15 you’re on the lookout for your 4* Pokédex, raids and Grasp League. But, due to how CP is calculated utilizing three stats, an ideal IV Pokémon is mostly solely ever the most effective model of itself within the Grasp League.

After all, you may’t see the IV of a Pokémon with out catching it first, however with a little analysis beforehand, you may shortly spot an ideal Tynamo based mostly on the CP alone.

When you’re at Degree 30 (or above), you’ll ideally be on the lookout for the next CPs for an ideal 15/15/15 Tynamo:

  • Degree 30 (wild CP most) — 695 CP
  • Degree 35 (weather-boosted wild CP most) — 753 CP
  • The wild CP worth aligns along with your Coach Degree till you attain Degree 30 and, as a result of majority of the participant base now being above this stage, we’ve stored to those values for the sake of simplicity. These values will, nevertheless, be totally different in the event you’re at present beneath Degree 30.

    Is Eelektross good in PVP?

    This is without doubt one of the worst Highlight Hours for PVP in a while – Eelektrik (Tynamo’s center evolution) ranks within the high 500 in Nice League, however Eelektross sadly can’t say the identical. It could possibly’t say a lot, as a result of it’s a Pokémon, however you get the purpose… It festivals higher within the different two leagues, however not by a lot.


    If you wish to lose at PVP, Eelektross runs Spark, Dragon Claw and Crunch as a second Charged transfer.

    This can be a pretty spammy combo: Spark is fast-charging and properly value operating in your Electrical sorts. The problem is that Eelektross’s solely Charged transfer with STAB is the perishingly gradual Thunderbolt. Eelektross is a glass cannon and you’ll’t afford to run gradual Charged assaults.

    When you completely should run it in Nice League, you may count on wins in opposition to Pelipper, Froslass, Noctowl, Skarmory and Drapion, which isn’t precisely essentially the most thrilling checklist. Your losses, nevertheless, it a who’s-who of the highest of the meta: Galarian Stunfisk, Medicham, Swampert, Lanturn and Trevenant.

    Weirdly, Eelektrik is a slightly more sensible choice right here, swapping Dragon Claw for Discharge, and having fun with the next defence stat. Sadly, the match-ups look a lot the identical – you may simply lose a bit slower…

    Extremely League is rather less brutal; you may count on wins in opposition to wings (and Gyarados). This contains the likes of Talonflame and even Articuno. Sadly, Swampert destroys you, as does Walrein, Trevenant, Cresselia and Giratina.

    Grasp League can also be fairly terrible. You may beat some attention-grabbing Pokémon, however not essentially the most meta-relevant ones (you lose to them). However, in the event you’re notably afraid of Archeops, Magnezone, Gengar or Victini (and don’t need to run one thing higher, like Xurkitree, Zapdos or Zekrom), I suppose you’ve discovered a fish for you!

    The Season of Legendary Needs has seen Kecleon lastly being launched in Pokémon Go!

    The Lunar New Yr occasion has additionally returned for 2023!

    Do not forget to partake within the new Go Battle League season.

    Elsewhere, remember to use Every day Journey Incense for the possibility of encountering Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Moltres.

    Is there a shiny Tynamo in Pokémon Go?

    No, not but. There is no such thing as a shiny Tynamo in Pokémon Go at time of writing.

    Every part in Tynamo’s evolution line is an Electrical-type Pokémon. (Picture credit score: pokemon.com)

    Whereas there is no such thing as a Eelektross within the recreation as of but; will probably be added to the Pokémon Go on Christmas Eve 2022.

    What does shiny Tynamo appear like?

    As you may see beneath, shiny Tynamo appears virtually precisely like a non-shiny Tynamo! Properly, that’s disappointing.

    The fundamental EleFish will get barely extra saturation, which isn’t saying a lot for an virtually white Pokémon. Eelektrik, in the meantime, will get barely extra saturation… Oh properly, the blue is barely bluer, in order that’s good.

    Eelektross is the primary one within the evolution line that’s noticeably shiny. It trades the blues for a deep inexperienced, and its fins swap from yellow to an ice-blue. That’s an honest shiny, and we sit up for getting our fingers on it when it will definitely comes out, it’s only a disgrace concerning the different two!

    Due to Reddit person YelloWool for the helpful preview.

    Different suggestions for this Highlight Hour

    Except for making an attempt to catch a shiny Tynamo in Pokémon Go, there are a few different good causes to partake on this week’s Highlight Hour:

    • One of the best motive is, after all, the double catch sweet bonus operating all through the hour. This provides you the possibility to assemble Sweet twice as quick as ordinary, with every Tynamo caught giving as much as 13 Sweet in the event you use a Pinap/Silver Berry with a Mega-Advanced Pokémon of the identical kind, as an alternative of the bottom 3.
    • This bonus additionally extends to your analysis rewards. Keep in mind, you don’t have to catch these Pokémon while you full the duty; in the event you run away, you may ‘financial institution’ as much as 200 Pokémon for instances like this, or while you need to maximise a Star Piece or Fortunate Egg bonus.
    • When you’re a newcomer, this Highlight Hour is the right time to gather sufficient Tynamo Sweet to completely evolve this Pokémon and enter all of its evolutions within the Pokédex.
    • Due to Tynamo being an Electrical-type, catching a bunch throughout this Highlight Hour will add progress to your respective catch bonus medal.

    Highlight Hour occasions solely final for an hour – 6pm to 7pm (native time). Subsequent week will likely be Blitzle’s time within the highlight, providing you with the possibility to get double switch sweet, so begin sorting by your storage and tagging the whole lot you need to switch subsequent week!

    Good luck discovering an ideal Tynamo!

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