Ukraine pushes back Russian troops in battle for Kherson as village is captured

Rybar said that Russian forces had now pulled back to the villages of Olgino and Arkhangelsk, a few miles to the southwest of Vysokopillya.

“Battles are going on for the southern outskirts of Olgino, which is under the control of the Russian Armed Forces, and Arkhangelsk, where at least half of the settlement is under the confirmed control of the Russian Armed Forces,” he said.

Andriy Tsaplienko, one of Ukraine’s most popular military Telegram bloggers with 215,000 subscribers, also confirmed the Ukrainian advance.

“The village of Visokopilya in the Kherson region! Ukrainian soldiers raise a blue-yellow flag. They say the photo was taken today,” he said.

Russia’s ministry of defence has not confirmed the loss of Vysokopilya but James Rushton, a British military analyst based in Ukraine, posted a video on Twitter which he said showed Ukrainian forces had overrun some Russian positions.

In the video, a Ukrainian soldier breathlessly videos a camp that appears to have been abandoned by Russian forces in a hurry.

One shot shows a discarded rucksack with a rifle lying across it. Another shows other kit strewn around the camp – flip flops, ammunition cases and what appears to be anti-tank missiles.

Although the video cannot be independently verified it does show well constructed earthworks and trenches that soldiers would need weeks to dig. Russian soldiers have been preparing for the Ukrainian offensive on Kherson for months.

“There are many such videos emerging. The Ukrainians have made significant advances over the last couple of days,” said Mr Rushton.

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