Willpower Cup 2022 Guide (Times, Teams, & Rewards)

Pokémon GO’s: Season of Light Willpower Cup is going to begin on November 3rd, 2022, and only features Dark-, Fighting-, and Psychic-type Pokemon.

Pokémon GO’s Season of Light GO Battle League continues with the new Willpower Cup. Starting November 3rd until November 10th local time, only 3 types can be used in a 1500 Combat Power (CP) Great Battle League format. The three types are Dark-, Fighting-, and Psychic- a cycle of type advantages and weaknesses making it a toss-up when sending out Pokémon first in battle. To give even more rewards to trainers, beginning the day on November 6th, 2022 until the end of the day, marks GO Battle Day: Miltank, an exclusive Timed Research day filled with Miltank encounters.


These are the rules of the Willpower Cup:

With the endless cycle of advantages in the allowed types, it’s recommended that trainers use Pokémon with multiple typing and move sets that counter their weaknesses. Due to the Willpower Cup being under 1500 CP, powering up Pokémon to fight is not expensive. Many of the same competitive Pokémon used for the Great Battle League, such as Mandibuzz and Umbreon, are solid choices for this format.

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Team Strategy for the Willpower Cup

Pokemon go Scrafty Medicham and Machamp

The first thing trainers should do is look to see if they have each type of Pokémon for the Willpower Cup. Rounding out a team makes it easy for trainers to switch out when they are at a disadvantage. According to PvPoke.com rankings for the Great Battle League, the top three Pokémon eligible for this cup would be Scrafty a Dark-/Fighting-type, Medicham a Psychic-/Fighting-type, and Machamp a mono Fighting-type.

With same-type attack bonuses, these Pokémon would be a good pick to counter opponents however they all are Fighting- types as well. The second thing trainers should do is use counter moves. For example, if a trainer decides to use a Latias which is a Psychic-/Dragon- type it is at a disadvantage against Scrafty, however, Latias can use a move to take out the opponent’s entire team, Charm, a strong Fairy-type move which is super-effective to Fighting- types and Dark- types.

Rewards During the Willpower Cup

Pokemon go Miltank with Willpower Cup flags

The Season of Light’s rank rewards 1-19 continues through the entire month of November. For the time given for the Willpower Cup, November 3rd through November 10th, participating trainers may encounter the legendary Giratina in Origin form when they reach rank 20. Additionally, on November 6th, 2022 GO Battle Day: Miltank will begin. This Timed Research rewards trainers with Miltank encounters. Miltank was given a new Rollout move, introduced this season to change up the meta. Consider using the newly buffed Pokémon for an upcoming GO Battle League cup.

Rundown of the Willpower Cup

Pokemon go Willpower Cup 2022 Flags

From November 3rd to November 10th local time, Pokémon GO features Dark-, Fighting-, and Psychic-types in a specific Go Battle League format. To win the Willpower Cup, trainers need a strategy that includes a Pokémon of each type allowed, considering dual typing and counter moves. Furthermore, rewards including Origin form Giratina and Miltank make for new assets to a trainers team. Participating in The Season of Light’s Willpower Cup in November can rank up trainers to a better standing in the GBL and give trainers limited Pokémon.

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