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Scholarship awards were recently announced for Yolo County 4-H’ers.

The Yolo County Post-Secondary Scholarship Program made awards to Charlie Pollock and Maddux Madayag, both from the Golden Valley 4-H club, according to a Yolo County 4-H press release.

The MaryAnn Wegener Memorial 4-H Scholarship was awarded to Tyce Wilkerson of West Plainfield 4-H club, and the Adreon Johnston Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Mia Mayberry of the Clarksburg 4-H club. The scholarships were awarded based on the applicant’s contributions to 4-H and to their school or community.

Charlie Pollock has been a very active member of Golden Valley 4-H, organizing and leading numerous projects in a wide variety of areas (science in the kitchen; movie critique; photography; bird watching; robotics; 3D printing). He has been a key member of the Club leadership team (Healthy Living Officer; Treasurer; Vice President and 2021-22 Club President).

He has assisted in countywide 4-H events (4-H camp counselor; Farm Connection Day robotics project; co-chair of the 4-H National Youth Science Day event). He is active in community events (Cesar Chavez bike swap; cleaning local parks). Charlie lives in Davis and graduated from Davis Senior High School. Charlie will be going to UC Santa Cruz, majoring in engineering.

Maddux Madayag has been in Clarksburg 4-H for nine years and attends Da Vinci Charter Academy in Davis, living in Davis. He has been very active in Golden Valley 4-H, has strong technical skills in software and computer repairs, and strong leadership and organizational skills. In 4-H, he has participated in a variety of projects (baking; adulting 101; record books; computers and software) and been recognized for a number of accomplishments (Spring Show for Best of Division for educational materials, Presentation Day Gold Award among others).

He has personally rehabbed and donated over 12 computers to Empower Yolo, a local non-profit. He will be attending UC San Diego in the fall, pursuing a major in computer engineering.

Tyce Wilkerson has been a West Plainfield 4-Her from Woodland, graduating from Pioneer High School. His projects and experiences in 4-H have given him the confidence and leadership skills to try new things. He has served as Club Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms and has been active in several significant club projects (Life Skills and the Thrive Project/leadership training). Other projects include metalworking and Rabbitry.

He plans to attend Freed Hardeman University, with course work in the field of medicine, hoping to work on advances in the field of diabetic treatment.

Mia Mayberry lives in West Sacramento, belonged to Clarksburg 4-H for nine years, and graduated from
Delta High School in Clarksburg. She has been active in school (FFA raising animals for the fair; soccer
and basketball teams), volunteers for community events (Run to Feed the Hungry, Donate Life Run/Walk, and the Clarksburg Run) and 4-H club activities (principally swine). She maintained a 4.16 GPA and plans to attend CSU San Diego or UC Santa Barbara, majoring in biological sciences.

The Yolo County 4-H Post-secondary Scholarship Program helps worthy 4-Hers get started in post-secondary vocational or academic education. It is administered by the Yolo County 4-H Leader’s Council.

If you would like to contribute to this program, contact Leader’s Council President, Janis Adkins through the  4-H office (530 666 8703). Scholarship applications for graduating seniors are also available through the office.

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